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First, a quick apology for this blog being inactive. It’s been a combination of me not having internet and also having obligations to about 8 other blogs. (On that note, if someone feels up to adding some content, hit me with a message. More members would probably be a good thing)

Anyway, on to the meat of this post.


This is just a fan blog that (on rare occasion, let’s be honest) posts about him. I have no affiliation or association or approval or anything. I just post/reblog stuff because I like him.

I have no personal contact with David Garrett. I can’t pass your messages on. The best I can offer in this regard is that there is some info on his official website (with which I also have no affiliation) for fanmail/autograph requests. Whether or not this actually reaches him is not something I can say, but the odds are probably marginally better than the 0% chance via this blog.

I’m sorry if this comes off as harsh, but I’ve been getting asks of this nature fairly regularly and I didn’t want to have anyone confused about the matter! I’ll try to add a disclaimer about this to the page. :)

NEW! Trailer for David Garrett’s film “Paganini - The Devil’s Violinist”


You can view the trailer HERE

The part with David is at the beginning of the clip and it is in German, but you get to see some great behind-the-scenes shots!

This film looks amazing and I’m SOOOOOO excited for it! And the fact that it’s being directed by Bernard Rose (who also directed one of my favorite movies, Immortal Beloved) and if this film is anything like Immortal, it’s gonna be AWESOME.



David Garrett’s new music video for Viva la Vida.

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